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Since the start, Sparkling Bins have placed the environment at the heart of our operations and we pride ourselves on using the most environmentally friendly techniques we can, from the recycled water and biodegradable cleaning products, to the machinery we have designed. Moving forward, we continually strive to stay abreast of the most up to date environmentally-friendly technology and ensure that we are doing the very best for the environment we can.


Our mission

At Sparkling Bins, we are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our cleaning operations and our products, through the adoption of sustainable practices and continuous improvement in environmental performance.
We adhere to a strict “Environment First” policy, which influences every stage of the cleaning process to ensure minimum impact on the environment and is a key part of our company culture. This policy affects everything from the cleaning products and machinery we use, to how we dispose of resources following our cleaning sessions.


Unique onboard water recycling plant

We are particularly proud of our cleaning machine, which was specifically designed to meet the demands of the industry in an environmentally friendly way.
The design of our cleaning machine then led to the development of our unique onboard water recycling plant. As a result, we are proud to say that each cleaning machine, on average, prevents 240,000 litres of contaminated water entering the ground water supply each month.

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